• Theme_consumers



    The Consumers theme covers all topics related to the rights of consumers when they buy goods and services in the Single Market. The EESC aims to make sure consumers have the rights and protection they need, and to combat unfair trading practices. We also promote more sustainable consumption patterns, and cooperate with national consumer councils. The annual Consumer Day Conference, held since 1999, is the high point of the calendar.

  • Theme_economy

    Economics & Cohesion


    This theme includes crucial topics such as economic and monetary policy, financial markets, taxation, the EU budget and economic and social cohesion. Growth and employment also fall under this heading, making it a key policy area in Europe’s recovery from the financial and economic crisis. The EESC takes a special interest in completing the architecture of Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) as a cornerstone in any further developments in EU integration.

  • industry_mini

    Enterprises and Industry


    The Enterprises and Industry theme covers the EU’s industrial and competition policies, as well as the Single Market, services, small and medium-sized enterprises, social entrepreneurship and the social economy. Research and innovation, which are of major importance for the European recovery, also fall under this heading.

  • Theme_social

    Social Affairs


    The Social Affairs theme covers many issues related to living and working conditions in the EU, including employment, education and training, gender equality, poverty, health, justice and immigration, and children, young and older people. We encourage and support volunteering and active citizenship. The Labour Market Observatory monitors trends and challenges affecting Europe’s workforce and labour market.