The CCMI is made up of 48 EESC members and 48 external delegates, drawing on a wide range of knowledge and experience gained in a variety of socio-occupational organisations in various sectors affected by the modernisation of the economy. The Chairman of the CCMI is a member of the EESC and the Co-Chairman is a delegate. The delegate body is divided into three categories (employers, employees, various interests), similar to the structure of the three EESC groups. Following the enlargement to 27 Member States and given the particularly appropriate nature of the CCMI’s expertise to the new Member States, the new CCMI composition includes a high proportion of members and delegates from these countries.



ATANASOV, Rumen, Bulgaria, Category 1, BUSINESSEUROPE ORGALIME (engineering)
BALASOPULOV, Stilian Skuliev, Bulgaria, Category 3, Vice-president, CECOP, President, National Union of Workers' Productive Co-operatives
BAUMANN, Wolf-Rüdiger  (Cat. I – DE)
BIELINSKI Jerzy, Poland, Category 2, EMF (shipbuilding), Uniwersytet Gdanski
CALLEJA Edwin, Malta, Category 1, CIAA (agrifood), Confederation of the Food and Drinks Industries of the EU (CIAA)
CALVET CHAMBON, Enrique, Spain, Category 1, CESA (shipyards)
DURIEU Xavier R., Belgium, Category 1, EUROCOMMERCE (trade)
EISENVORTOVA Renata, Czech Republic, Category 1, EURACOAL (coal)
FELISATI Marco, Italy, Category 1, BUSINESSEUROPE, ACEA (automobile manufacture)
FERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ Victor, Spain, Category 2, EMCEF (mining and energy)
GAY, Bernard, France, Category 1, EUROCHAMBRES (banking)
GENDRE Pierre, France, Category 2, UNI-EUR (ICT and services)
GIBELLIERI, Enrico, Italy, Category 2, EMF
GLORIEUX, Jacques, Belgium, Category 3, EURISCOAL and Belgium Chamber of Commerce
GOLINI Flora, Italy, Category 3, Legal consultant, CIU
GOYENS Monique, Belgium, Category 3, Director-general, BEUC (European Consumers´ Organisation)
GRIMALDI Tommaso, Italy, Category 3, Secretary-general, EVTA (European Vocational Training Association)
HABER Jean-Pierre, France, Category 1, INTERGRAF (printing)
HAVLICEK Karel, Czech Republic, Category 3, President, Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, Chair, UEAPME Committee for Enterprise Policy and Legal Affairs
HRUŠECKÁ Monika, Slovakia, Category 2, EMF (automobile manufacture)
JARRÉ Dirk, Germany, Category 3, Former vice-president, Social Platform
KLOK Per, Denmark, Category 2, UNI-EUR (ICT and services)

KOLBE Rudolf, Austria, Category 3

KONSTANTINOU, Nicola, Belgium, Category 2, UNI-EUR (ICT and services)
KOTOWSKI Zbigniew, Poland, Category 3, Vice President, Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (Warsaw R&D firm)
KREUZER Gerald, Austria, Category 2, ETUF-TCL (manufacturing and textiles)
KUBIĊEK Jiří, Czech Republic, Category 2, EMCEF (chemical industry)
LECHNER Susanne, Germany, Category 1, EUROCHAMBRES (research)
LEO, Hannes, Austria, Category 3, Director, Cbase – Community-based Innovation Systems GmbH (eConsultation, software-supported community-based innovation), Independent consultant (academic research and policy consulting)
LEIRIÃO, José Custódio, Portugal, Category 3, Supply chain consultant
MISIUNAS, Tautvydas, Lithuania, Category 1, CEFIC (chemicals)
MOFFAT Gordon, UK, Category 1, EUROFER (steel)
NAROVCOVA Alena, Czech Republic, Category 2, ETUF-TCL (manufacturing and textiles)
NIESTROY, Ingeborg, Germany, Category 3, Public Strategy for Sustainable Development (research)
OPRAN Marius , Romania, Category 1, EU Patronat CEEP (Public Entreprises en SIG) Défense, Energy, Exec.President du Union Generale des Industries de Roumanie “UGIR-Category 190Category 3”
OLSSON Jan, Suède, Category 3, Coprésident du Réseau européen des villes et régions de l'économie sociale (REVES) et vice-président de la CECOP
PAETZOLD, Ulrich, Allemagne, Category 1, FIEC (construction)
PÈES Christian, France, Category 3, Président du Bureau du groupe Euralis et membre du Bureau de Coop de France, Vice-président du COGECA
PESCI, Patrizio, Italy, Category 1, ORGALIME, CEI-bois (woodwork/furniture), ACEM (motorcycle industry)
PHILIPPE, Marcel, France, Category 2, EMF (aerospace)
POP, Ion, Romania, Category 3, Member, FIBES Foundation (Study of financial/banking expertise)
SJÖLANDER, Erica, Sweden, Category 2, EMF (mechanical engineering)
SORA Gheorghe, Romania , Category 2, EMF (steel)
STUDENT, Thomas, Germany, Category 2, EMCEF (chemicals and energy)
VAN LAERE Hilde, Belgium, Category 1, FEP-FEE (European publishers)
VÄNNTI Sauli, Finland, Category 2, EMCEF (energy)
WENNMACHER Nico, Luxembourg, Category 2, ETF (transports)
ZELAIA ULIBARRI Adrian, Spain, Category 3, Executive president, EKAI Center