Consumers and Environment Category (CEC)

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The Consumers and Environment Category is currently composed of twenty-two members, all of them drawn from the Various Interests Group, and most of whom represent consumer and environment organisations or are experts in these areas.

The Category’s main objective is to discuss documents proposed by the European Commission and to ensure that consumer rights and environmental protection are taken into consideration in all of the EESC’s work. It is a forum for participants to discuss the policies implemented in their own countries.

The Category has appointed two spokespersons, namely, the Spanish member Bernardo Hernández Bataller (Secretary General of the Association of Communication Users) for the "Consumers" part and the Irish Cillian Lohan (CEO of Green Economy Foundation) for the "Environment" part, both members of Group III.

The secretariat of the Category is provided by the Various Interests Group. The Category has forged particularly close cooperation with the Farmers Category.


For more information on the Category please contact the Secretariat of Group III